My Yoga Journey

I remember the day I did my yoga first. It was a pose my body, but my mind, my head was in the right Hall towards the outside of the different places on the journey. Where to go after yoga, I thought I was going to do. Of clutter in every area. What I want to do, my soul, the social environment, incredibly messy, incredibly fast. You really doesn't know what he wants to do when everyone, everywhere was to be with mine. This intensity and at me from behind some unfinished business, relationships series. Yoga for you? So far for me. 

Me calm about the whole thing, it was very, very hard to take my mind with stillness and keep it there. In those years, I don't myself, I preferred more active sports. I did not stop, my purpose would stand. 'Then my body, in my mind that he is everywhere accompanied by, adapt to the rhythm . I thought she agreed.

He didn't get Yoga in my life for many years. No “I wish it had gone like” I don't have a regret. Of those years had to take it. Today when I got a Yin yoga session, find a piece of myself to those who act fidgety, the corner of my eye, “when will it end this pose” he lifted his head, I can empathise with. The mind in different places, really stay in a very difficult position for five minutes. The meaning of the five minutes Yin yoga varies a lot.

Yes, my life as a reward from the twins, along with yoga and literally we met. That slowed me down during the pregnancy and in those years I was located at kortel Grove yogasala I knocked on the door and 3.I started yoga a month pregnant. Since both Twin is my age, my concerns, my fears I had when I was pregnant.

Dear neslihan iskit one day “6. after months I guess I can't go,” I said. Took all the fear in the eyes that looked so beautiful to me. Yet another expert , Dawn Peker where I lived when I was pregnant carpal tunnel syndrome wrist exercises felt so good...

Gave birth on a Sunday and the day of. A week ago I was yogasala again. I gave birth the hospital called and my news. The closest witness was because of my pregnancy my yoga burn. Deniz Yilmaz dear children and my children's yoga a yoga journey that begins in the womb with lasted. 

We'll never know where life will take us. Always for me has veered in different directions on the roads. And yoga was the one that also attracts me. Probably my mind and body came together and they decided to stop me. Berra Sertel and I started my journey with Yin yoga I've done in yogasala me... it felt so good to slow down with Yin yoga that need to be delivered to I got it. My mind this time, stayed with me on the mat. What to do after yoga? Never thought about it. In that moment, in that room, I was alone with matt. 

And as I said, a chain of coincidences in my life remained constant. Of expertise this time my journey began. Berra sertel specialization program I got from my dear, dear buyukberber ovul continued with the mentoring.

The feeling was so intense inside me, “Come on everybody, do yoga and I'll meet you here” so I was telling him so dearly my friends, “do yoga” , where when I see a pregnant woman, “the greatest reward you can give your baby pregnant yoga” I was saying.

The opportunity to thank all the experts who taught me on my journey and yoga, just the physical poses that consists of non-to understand the psychology of yoga philosophy and the deep, always I'm reading I'm reading. Carl Gustav Jung, the person stored in said shadow as he doesn't want to accept everything about himself, to meet up with the shade of Yin yoga that is a step I believe. I think that takes courage.